Precision Diesel
Precision Diesel strives for superior quality and excellent workmanship
Before any Diesel Injector or Pump is repaired, we run extensive tests and inspections to ensure critical components are in working order. This allows us to keep repairs costs to a minimum and achieve a high-quality finish.
Our Services
Repair & Maintenance to all makes of diesel fuel pumps, injectors and turbochargers
Complete range of authorised parts for diesel fuel injection systems and turbochargers for all makes of trucks, bakkies and passenger vehicles.
Authorised Retailer
Supplier of diesel fuel injection systems. Our injectors provide superior performance and durability.

ADCO Precision Diesel

Diesel fuel injection specialists

Authorised Retailer
Diesel Injector Repair
At Precision Diesel, we test, repair all overall Brands of Diesel injectors, including the latest Electronic Common Rail injector systems and petrol injectors.
Throughout the years we have built a reputation on high quality workmanship and speedy turnaround times for our customers.
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